Apr 15, 2008

Web Designer Wall

Here´s a site that I could spend hours on!!

Project Board

Just some ideas of project / target boards at work. The idea is to share information, goals, objectives, plans, etc... Make sure your team is aligned and that there are no communication gaps - everyone should be on the same page - working together - building - growing - acheiving.

Google office snap shots

Google office - meeting room

Doing a little research on "creative office spaces".
This is a meeting room in a Google office.
Lot´s of room to brain storm. Informal setting - which I consider very inviting and relaxing. I´m just starting to look into this, but as a first thought, I would imagine that employees feel more at ease to speek up and express their ideas in this kind of envirnoment.
What do you guys out there think about it? I´d love to hear!

Syl with pink feathers

Recent picture of Syl - taken April/08. Truely one of a kind!

Apr 11, 2008

Os meus dois gatos

Need I say more...

Brown paper

Brown Paper - so very elegant.

Cutest animals in the world

I´m a total cat lover. I have 2, Gilly and Cookie.